Eco Baltia vide is one of the leading wholesalers of the recycled materials in Latvia providing supply of high quality baled materials to the Eco Baltia Group companies “PET Baltija”, which is the only PET recycling facility in Latvia and the largest PET recycling facility in the Baltics, and “Nordic Plast”, which is one of the leading companies in the processing of recycled materials in the Baltics and recycle used polyethylene LDPE films and HDPE hard plastic, as well as polypropilene bags (PP big bags).

Eco Baltia vide has provided raw materials to recycling facilities no only in Latvia but also in Europe and the world. Eco Baltia vide cooperates with companies from Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, India, China, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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