Companies inside the Eco Baltia group – beverage plastic (PET) bottle recycling factory PET Baltija, PET flake recycling factory Eko PET and polyethylene recycling factory Nordic Plast are the leading companies in Latvia operating in this field, essential tax payers and employers.

The mission of these companies is to relieve the environment from polymers disposed in landfills, as well as provide secondary use of plastics in the existing situation when the supply of nonrenewable natural resources is shrinking and their prices increasing.

PET Baltija polyethylene terephthalate flakes are recycled from PET bottles collected in Latvia, Estonia and Nordic countries. PET flakes can be used in production of textile fibers, packaging straps etc. Eko PET uses PET flakes to produce high quality pellets for the production of food packaging. PE pellets can be used in production of garbage and packaging bags. These products are exported to other EU countries, mainly Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Italy.

Considering the produced volumes PET Baltija is the main polyethylene terephthalate bottle recycling company in Baltics, whereas Nordic Plast is the main polyethylene recycling company in Latvia.

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