Waste collection companies of Eco Baltia group successfully manage household waste, construction waste and separate collection household waste, as well as provide other environmental services to private persons and companies in Riga and its surroundings, Sigulda, Jūrmala, Liepāja, as well as Tukums, Talsi, Dundaga, Engure, Jaunpils, Roja, Mērsrags and Kandava.

The technical base – waste collection containers and trucks of different capacity, tractors, road and beach cleaning equipment, as well as cargo cranes and equipment – of Eco Baltia operating group companies Eco Baltia vide and Eko Kurzeme provides multiform and continuous service conforming to requirements of clients in the whole Eco Baltia company operation territory. According to the concession agreement Eko Baltija is managing Sigulda municipality  company Jumis, providing waste management services in Sigulda district.

Group companies are present in three out of five waste management regions in Latvia where private waste collection companies may operate, including Riga and its region. The Group actively engages in expanding its territorial presence in the waste collection industry in Latvia by participating in public tenders organised by municipalities.

In cooperation with Latvijas Zaļais Punkts (Green Dot Latvia) the waste management group companies of Eco Baltia are actively participating in the field of sorted waste management by providing and installing containers for sorting material suitable for recycling in the house yards and company warehouses and implementing special places where it is possible to get rid of glass, paper and plastic waste, as well as outworn electronic appliances and products harmful to the environment.

By involving in Eco Baltia group company organized separate waste collection system more and more people have decreased the waste volumes for depositing  and increased the volumes of waste that returns in the economic movement in the shape of new material or energy.

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